Canadian-based company,CentennialSolar, seeks SA distributor.


CentennialSolar is a Canadian-based company involved in the photovoltaic industry. As an eco-friendly company, our goal is to promote the use of renewable energy sources; more precisely we are committed to solar-power systems.
Benefiting from already available components from across the globe, our company is positioned as an integrator for the design of low-cost energy solutions. Using best-of-breed components from across the world (Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, etc), we manufacture solar panels that are amongst the most efficient on the marketplace today.
CentennialSolar offers solar modules and power packs for various applications particularly building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV), home systems, solar pumping systems and telecommunication systems. We offer semifinished, finished, framed and frameless thin film solar panels for OEM customers. We also offer semi-transparent and opaque solar panels for building façade, windows, roof and skylights. The flexible and lightweight solar panels are suited for campers, scientists, hobbyists and military for charging batteries in remote areas.

CentennialSolar sells to installers as well as to distributors accross the globe. We are also open to joint venture agreements in developing nations across the globe. In such cases, by working jointly with international organizations, our goal is to reduce end-users’ costs through various financing leverage made available today.

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Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA)

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