Making Business Sense of Climate Change, Learn How.


Business and Climate Change
Many businesses and individuals are confused by the complexity of climate change. They do not know where to begin, mostly because they don’t understand how their actions contribute to the problem and what the alternatives and solutions are. This is highly ineffective, since simple actions can have highly positive impacts, and often opportunities arise for organisations in the context of climate change if this challenging problem is being addressed.
Early adopters are embracing environmental strategies as a way of achieving their business and environmental goals. Clever companies are taking advantage of new markets and consumer trends towards climate friendly products. What our customers have found is that doing a carbon footprint is a logical step to support their sustainability initiatives.Some 114 000 green jobs could be created in two years if the government’s intention to incentivise green industries is successful.

GCX is a Carbon and Energy Management company. Our services include carbon footprints, energy audits, implementation of greenhouse gas reductions plans including employee and supplier education and advice on carbon offset-project selection. We also specialize in the investigation, feasibility and registration of carbon credits for offset projects and adaptation studies aimed at reducing the impact of climate change. GCX offers carbon-credit brokerage and trading.
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 GCX Energy Efficiency Auditor
15 -17 March 2010 Johannesburg

19 -21 April 2010    Cape Town
To educate individuals on the key areas required in order to become an energy efficiency auditor. This is a hands on course where the learners will be taken through the logical steps required to become an Energy Efficiency Auditor. On completion learners will have the skills and knowledge to be able to complete a small business energy audit. This will include sufficient knowledge to recommend the steps required to become a more efficient business.
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