Appetite for Climate Change..a comprehensive report.


Appetite for Change
This report (by Price Waterhouse Coopers) examines the attitudes in the South African business community towards environmental regulation, legislation and taxes. It should be read in conjunction with the PricewaterhouseCoopers global report for an international perspective.

Climate change is testing the ability of the world’s leaders to develop effective environmental policies through consultation. Many, in and out of government, are frustrated with the pace of negotiations, as evidenced during the challenging summit in Copenhagen, but recriminations and
defeatism are distractions.

Our research indicates what business leaders think, and what they are looking for, from government and environmental policies. This creates a platform for constructive dialogue between business and
government, which is ultimately what business really wants. For those struggling to find a global consensus, there is plenty of hope.

Almost 700 interviews were conducted in 15 countries, where executives shared their perspectives.