Big Vision for Solar Water Heating in South Africa


As a result of the intensive efforts to jump start a massive role out of solar water heaters in South Africa, there is quite a bit of confusion as to what is a realistic target for installing solar water heaters in South Africa.
Let’s consider what would be required in order to install 1 million systems by 2014.  Assuming that we install 5 days per week and allow installers to take off regular public holidays, if we start January 1st 2010 and finish June 1st 2014, we would require 463 plumbers and 925 laborers assuming an installation rate of 2 per team per day.  This is entirely possible however when considering that there are only a total of 3,000 qualified plumbers throughout South Africa, it is clear that a significant training program is required. This is not impossible but it will take some time to reach full capacity.  Here are my calculations.
Published by KAYEMA Group