BLUE COAL…A Clean Coal Stove


In an innovative move at targeting more effective and efficient ways to use energy in South Africa, the ‘imbawula’ – used by many poor households – into a safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly product. The Blue Coal stove (Imbawula entsha) is set to revolutionise the world of domestic heating and cooking as it is smoke free, safe and easy to use.

Recognising the need of many rural households, especially disadvantaged families for a better way of utilising energy – the electricity free coal stove which is affordable and and energy efficient.  – lasting up to 8 hours. After testing and research into the reality of the effectiveness of Blue Coal, it has been shown that a family of four uses five bricks a day to meet the needs of a day of cooking and heating.

This is something our rural areas need, especially where access to basic needs is non-existent. In a study conducted by the World Energy Council looking at rural areas, electricity is used mainly for cooking and heating. Around 1.3 billion people (16% of the world population) still lack access to electricity – and they are mostly people from sub-Saharan Africa and south Asia.

A Clean Coal Stove
No Smoke
Energy Efficient
A revolutionary concept of using coal
for domestic heating  and cooking.
It is a simple, inexpensive and long lasting briquette designed to be environmentally friendly.
It is easy to light, has nominal smoke and three blue coal briquettes can last between 6-8 hours.
If attended to regularly by replacing burnt briquettes with new ones, the fire can be kept alive for days or even weeks.
The blue coal briquettes retain their original shape when burnt, they turn yellow and do not make ash.
Imbawula Entsha caters for the high demand for efficient energy in Southern Africa and is a valuable addition to any household.
Place the stove/heater in an outdoor area and open              
the air-intake hole by  removing the cover.
Insert wood sticks or twigs through the top of the
shaft of the stove and light it with a firelighter through
the air-intake vent on the base of the shaft.
Once the wood is burning nicely use fire tongs to place
one briquette on top of the flame.
After 10 – 15 minutes the briquette will turn red and the
fire will be ready for use. Using fire tongs place a second
briquette on top of the first, making sure that the holes
are in line with each other to ensure good ventilation.
At this stage you may place the stove indoors in a
well ventilated room.

Cooking and Heating

The stove is now ready for cooking, with a second
briquette in place will last for 2-3 hours.
When cooking is complete, place a third briquette on
top of the second to keep the fire going.
At this point the vent cover can be placed over the
air-intake hole, the fire can be kept on reserve for 12-18


The stove shaft can only hold three briquettes. When the
bottom briquette has been used for over two hours of
cooking or heating, one notices the heat is deminishing.
This means the bottom briquette needs to be replaced.
Using oven gloves, move the stove outdoors and with
fire tongs remove all three briquettes from the shaft.
When replacing the briquettes, the middle one becomes
the bottom, the top one the middle and a new one on top.
If you wish to cook or heat the room, do not replace the
cover, in 10-15 minutes the fire will be hot enough for

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