Elma Pollard..environmental journalist..motivational speaker.


elma pollard

Elma started expressing her passion for the earth 20 years ago. First in a popular green column the Eikestadnuus newspaper, more recently ‘Living Green’ in the Bolander newspaper. These stories are available at www.greencoach.co.za

She is a hands-on environmentalist and started a recycling depot at the Stellenbosch Night Shelter in the early nineties, successfully combining caring for the earth with social upliftment.

She is an experienced life skills and environmental trainer. She worked for the Fairest Cape Association, training teachers in integrated waste management (recycling, composting and vegetable gardening) and developed environmental training courses.

She is an environmental organiser and involved in the greening of schools and promoting the establishment of environmental projects in schools and communities across the country. As a life coach and business coach she believes in turning dreams into reality and crafting a can-do attitude and helps small businesses go green.

She ran an online creative writing school and works as a writer’s coach. As a qualified translator, she has a passion for translating science information into normal language for the lay person to understand and feel inspired. And keeping it positive and fun. This lead to the birth of an online eco writing course,  in which she combines environmental journalism with creative writing principles. She regularly speaks for the earth on various radio stations.

Her Collaborators:

Tony Petroutsas
A Geography/Environmental Studies graduate student from Canada, Tony is currently volunteering in Cape Town. He loves organizing and participating in events, clubs, conferences, workshops, and public lectures. He has a great appreciation for how education can foster a life-long relationship between its community members and the environment. Through his work experiences and volunteering, Tony has acquired excellent experiences and invaluable skills. His research and experiences enable him to teach children and adults about environmental education and sustainability. His experiences have taught me to be very resourceful and aware of different cultures, environments and people from all around the word.
Stephen Jacobs
Stephen Jacobs has an Honours degree in Organisational Psychology and has over 20 years experience in designing training interventions to assist people to unleash their potential.   After spending 15 years running a multicultural youth leadership development programme (RALI) where thousands of teenagers benefited, Steve got involved in corporate capacity building. He moved into Sustainability work using The Natural Step as a methodology for getting companies to embark on a path towards reducing their impact on climate change.  He recently co-founded Living Wealth, which offers companies a holistic  approach to becoming more environmentally responsible.

Carel Venter
Business Strategy and Enterprise Development Adviser with CSD. 

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