Stellenbosch Natural and Organic Farmers’ Market


Farmers Market
The new Stellenbosch Organic Farmer’s Market’s (they are moving to their new site adjacent to Spier this week) ‘green technology section’ from 1 May.
Buy organic vegetables and fruit at their market every Saturday morning between 8am – 12pm. While you’re there, enjoy a hearty breakfast and home-industry-style cakes and preserves.
The Natural and Organic Farmers’ Market is an established initiative of the Stellenbosch Waldorf School, situated in the classic wine lands of the Cape. Its primary purpose is to generate funds by providing a vehicle for the promotion and selling of organic and natural produce and wares.
This includes supporting not only certified producers, but also those who demonstrate a clear intention to become certified organic producers or follow a wholesome, natural ethic in their practices. Supporting emerging producers is of primary importance, as is fostering a community of interested and informed people.
Say’s Elma Pollard from The Green Times.
“We want to give at least 2 green tech companies a chance to display and illustrate their work/products every Saturday at this market. The cost is R500 for the day, that is from 8am to 2pm. This is the biggest organic market in the Cape and has built up a dedicated crowd of shoppers over the more than 10 years it’s been running.”