Learn to Write..Get published and save the planet.


Are you concerned about global warming and the depletion of our water and other threatened resources? Do you feel upset when you read about our planet’s dwindling biodiversity and the destruction of precious species, including vulnerable people? 

Would you like to learn a skill to become part of the solution of creating a greener and more caring world? Would you like to apply your skill locally, wherever you are, and help mobilize those in your area to reduce their footprints on the earth? Would you like to become more creative and have fun whilst making a difference? Would you like to develop into a can-do individual, who feels empowered and makes an active contribution to the world?

Then this course is for you. We combine creative story-telling principles with eco journalism in a positively focused approach to writing green stories and columns that develop aware and actively conserving readers. We believe in thinking globally, but acting locally. On WRITE FOR EARTH you will not only become part of a countrywide initiative, but also start making your voice heard in your immediate environment.

Anyone can learn to write – it is a learned skill. Not something you’re born with. So you don’t need to be a good writer to join this course. However, there are some requirements:
· Access to the internet and email
· A love of reading and learning
· An enquiring · A passion for the earth and her creatures
· Determination to make a positive difference
· Reasonable use of either English or Afrikaans languages

The emotional resources, such as determination and patience, which you will also need, will be developed during the course. Our course tutor, Elma Pollard, is also a life coach. Therefore this is truly a personal development course, which empowers those who would like to have a more hands-on place in the sun to transform their concern into positive actions.
Duration: 12 months – 12 compulsory assignments
Assignments: minimum of 1 per month plus one book review per month – you may submit an extra story each month, if you like.
Once the crafting process is completed, all stories will be published online. This is a one-on-one process with the coach, so you can start anytime. As many rounds as necessary will be done on every story, until it’s publishable.
Make a difference, speak up and get published while you learn!
For more information contact elma@thegreentimes.co.za
Or call 0218550518