Solar Bird, Mosquito, Rodent and Pest Repellers


African Green Developments (Pty)Ltd. have recently introduced
their innovative Solar Bird, Mosquito, Rodent and Pest Repellers.


Solar Bird Repeller

Great for fighting against diseases caused by mosquitoes

Solar panel: 9v/1.08 w

Battery : Ni-MHAAA 3000mAh 1.2vx5
Function: charging with solar, without normal power, no need to change battery, bright control, timer, voltage protection, selecting three different sound waves which makes the birds afraid, the birds immediately escape from the sound waves area, sound waves can be adjusted, 2 minutes per cycle, works at day time, stops at night time automatically, instead of manual repelling . No affects to human beings, no pollution.
Covered area : 300-800 sqm.
Suitable for : vegetable farm, fruit farm, rice farm, corn farm, wheat farm, soybean farm etc.

Solar Keyring Mosquito Repeller
Product Description
1) Uses high pitch sound waves to keep away mosquitoes. Almost silent, you won’t notice it
2) Working frequency: 8.5-10 KHz / 40-50Hz
3) Built-in LED red assistant flashlight. Power: 2 x CR2032 battery.
4) Three Settings: 0 = OFF, I = Male Mosquito (silent), II = Dragonfly (very slight sound), lll=Bat
5) Covers a 6 to 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 meters) range.
6) Keeps on working for about 160 hours continually when fully capacitance with sun day charge
7) Environment-friendly, no smell and harmless to human beings, pets and plants.
8) With keychain, easy to carry. Or clip to your bag, clothing, backpack, and tent.
9) Ideal and reliable companion for camping, hunting, fishing, farming, and sleeping.
10. Use it anytime anywhere – no chemicals! Keep it on your key ring and simply switch the on
button to produce a high-frequency sound effect which keeps mosquitoes and other flying insects
Solar Garden Rodent Repellent and Light

Transmitting ultrasonic via vibration. Pest repeller is used to affect the acute hearing of underground rodents, with very effective preventive effect. The ultrasonic will deceive them, making them feel endangered, so as to force them away from the vibrating area. Transmitting ultrasonic every 30 seconds. LED New function: We improved the mole repeller like solar garden light, LED will light in night automatism and up to 6hours, It can keep working about two days in a rainy reason.
Effective Range:625M2
Frequency: 300 – 700 Hz
Rechargeable batt included 1.2V 800MAH Ni-cd

Transonic PRO Heavy Duty Pest Repeller 
This electronic pest repeller is constructed of solid-state electronics that requires no maintenance or refills.

Pests are repelled because they cannot adapt to the constantly changing array of ultrasonic and sonic signals emitted by the unit. The unit disrupts the pests’ nervous systems, effecting their feeding and communication habits, forcing them to leave the area. The unit is safe for use around humans, unborn children and non-rodent pets such as dogs, cats, birds and reptiles. However, the unit should be kept away from pet tarantulas, mice, hamsters, ferrets. and gerbils. Independent laboratory and university testing have proven ultrasonic and sonic sound technology to be an effective form of pest control.

Ultrasonic sounds, (sounds above 20,000Hz), are nearly silent to humans and most animals. Ultrasound cannot travel through walls or closed doors.
The signals bounce off these hard surfaces causing a ricochet effect. Ultrasonic sounds are absorbed by soft materials such as curtains, furniture and carpet, which in turn diminish the effectiveness of the unit. Shadow areas may occur around corners or behind home furnishings. Sonic sounds are lower frequency, audible, sounds that carry further and are effective in repelling larger pests such as rats and squirrels. These lower frequency sounds are effective in protecting larger areas. Prolonged exposure to the unit in the loud and medium (sonic) settings is not recommended for pets in a confined area and can be irritating to humans.