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Solar Water Heating and Hybrid Power Solutions

Sustainable, energy-efficient products & services
We are extremely proud of the fact that our products are now working hard to reduce electricity bills throughout South Africa. And make no mistake; we’re working tirelessly to ensure that everyone within reach has the chance to benefit from our excellent range of solar hot water heaters.
About Us

We are distributors of affordable, superior-quality solar geysers and related water heating products, which are available throughout South Africa. Contact Us on our national sales and support number on 087 802 7561 for assistance on the solar solution that best caters for your home, business or property development.
Solar Products

Whether you’re looking for a solar water heating or hybrid power solution, Solar Balance has a wide range of products to cater for your eco-needs. We can supply you with everything from solar hot water collectors to photovoltaic panels, inverters, batteries and all other balance of systems at the most competitive prices.

Solar Services

Do aspire to live off-grid? Or are you looking to cut down on your monthly electricity costs? We can design and install a hybrid power system to suit your specific power requirements. Solar Balance offers professional and personalised technical advice, installation and support on both new and existing systems, as well as ongoing support.