Solar Energy for your Home and Business


Smart environmental choice, but now is a smart financial investment as well! Prices on solar are rapidly coming down. Imagine the possibility of never having to pay an electric bill again The list of applications powered by solar energy is growing by a minute

200 Liters Non-Pressurized Geyser with an Intelligent Controller
(our most popular Solar Geyser) (Other sizes and systems also available)

Food Grade Stainless steel inner tank
Colour steel outer sheet
55mm Polyurethane foam insulation
Thermal reservation capacity 72 Hours
Digital Intelligent Control Unit and thermostat
Solenoid for controlled water inlet/outlet
Can be stand alone or linked to existing geyser for pre-heat
Complete stand alone solar panel controlled unit
Colour steel outer sheet
25 Litre a minute solar pump for pressure
Solar Panel with Control Unit and pump
12V Battery
CE Approval
ISO 9001: 2000 Standard
Warranty 5 Years as per ESKOM requirement. SABS approval pending

Interested installers take note:
Training for qualified plumbers on Solar Tech Unit Std. 244499 SAQA 0172/07 (Three weeks R 6,500.00)
Training for installers Non Credit bearing (One week R 3,500.00)

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