Public consultation on the IRP 2010 draft..extension of deadline.

Kindly note that due to requests received, the original deadline of 21 (via email)/ 23 (via website) May 2010 for comments on the Draft Input Parameter Sheets, has been extended to 30 May 2010.

You are once again reminded that consultation on the Draft Parameter Sheets is only the first phase of the consultation process – which process also includes, at the appropriate stage, the public participation process.

At a high level, your participation over a period of time, will be required as follows:   

1.        Comment on IRP 2010 Draft Input Parameter Sheets – due 30 May 2010

2.        Public consultation on the IRP 2010 draft parameter sheets to be advised shortly

3.        Public hearing on 1st draft IRP

4.        IRP 2010 gazetted for public participation 

5.        Public hearings on IRP, in accordance with public participation processes

6.        Promulgation of IRP 2010