New wind turbine from Siemens

Siemens Energy launched its new SWT-3.0-101 direct drive wind turbine at the European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition in Warsaw. The new SWT-3.0.101 with a rated power of 3 MW, offers innovation through a direct drive concept utilising a permanent magnet generator. With fewer parts than a conventional geared wind turbine, the new units require less maintenance and provide increased profitability for customers. The new wind turbine features a rotor diameter of 101 metres and is now available for sale for onshore and offshore projects around the world.
“Under the attractive feed in tariffs announced last year for renewable energy we see a great potential for wind projects in this market. The excellent wind conditions in South Africa are well suited for the Siemens Wind Power technology. Siemens is very interested in the domestic market and closely following further developments,” says John Hazakis, business unit director for Siemens Renewables Division.
The new SWT-3.0-101 will offer 25% more power than the present 2,3 MW machine, but with a lower weight and only half the parts. The objective was to reduce complexity in order to increase reliability and profitability.
The unit features a gearless drive train design with a compact synchronous generator excited by permanent magnets. The generator of the first prototype machine, which was installed in Denmark in 2009, was produced by the Large Drives Business Unit within the Siemens Industry Sector. The main advantage of permanent magnet generators is their simple and robust design that requires no excitation power, slip rings or excitation control systems. This leads to high efficiency even at low loads. A major advantage of the new machine is its compact design: with a length of 6,8 metres and a diameter of only 4,2 metres, the nacelle can be transported using standard vehicles commonly available in most major markets. The nacelle of SWT-3.0-101 weighs only 73 tons, which is less than the nacelle of the standard 2,3 MW wind turbine.
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