The Western Cape, South Africa, is a leader in the renewable energy sector.

The Western Cape is a leader in the renewable energy sector, being the first province to have a Sustainable Energy Strategy and a Policy for Solar Water Heaters in place. The province current electricity consumption is approximately 3500 megawatts (MW). To ease the strain on energy demand currently, the province has set itself renewable energy targets of 15% by 2014.

Our advantages

  • Cape Town is the most cost competitive location for Solar Panel Manufacturing when compared to the leading locations in Europe
  • A typical 150 person Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant will cost approximately $4 million per annum in Cape Town – a saving of $7-11 million per annum compared to Dublin – and an average cost saving of $7.7 million across selected areas.
  • A Highly Skilled Production Operative will cost approximately $14,000 to employ in Cape Town.
  • Wind resources in the Western Cape are substantial – amongst the best in the country, with the average wind speed as measured across the Province at 12m is 6m/s.
  • Initial assessments show it will be possible to generate 2800MW of wind energy in the Western Cape taking into consideration certain development restrictions.
  • Wave power is a high potential energy resource for the Western Cape. There are significant resources along the West Coast (Cape Town and Cape Agulhas area).


    Of all energy futures, renewable energy provides the most promising path. With the help of modest government funding of research and many dedicated entrepreneurs, solar, biomass, wind, and geothermal energy sources have become less expensive and more reliable. All have developed important niche markets and a clean and sustainable renewable energy is more important now than ever.


    Companies active in the Western Cape include, amongst others:
    • Setsolar
    • BioCorp
    • Sustainable living projects
    • Ecosmart
    • Iceberg Solar
    • Energy efficient options cc
    • Solien
    • Alt E technologies cc

    Access incentives

    The National Energy Regulators of South Africa, NERSA, has approved the Renewable Energy Feed in Tariff (REFIT) which welcomes energy generators in the renewable energy sector to undertake investment opportunities in the following sectors:
    • Wind Energy Generation
    • Small Scale Hydro
    • Landfill Gas
    • Concentrated Solar

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