Namibia embraces renewable energy

WINDHOEK – Namibia is looking at solar energy as an alternative mode of fuel, as concerns over deforestation and the environment continue to mount around the world.
Speaking at the hand over of solar cookers to parents of learners from Dr Frans Aupa Indongo Primary School, Selma-Penna Utonih, Director of Energy in the Ministry of Mines and Energy, commended the school for taking the initiative.
She explained the state of affairs that currently exists regarding renewable energy in Namibia.
“The Ministry of Mines and Energy is busy with the electrification of rural areas including schools and public offices. The areas or infrastructures that are too far from the grid and which are too costly to be grid electrified will be electrified with alternative renewable energy such as solar energy technologies,” she said
She said the ministry is committed to achieving a sustainable energy future, based on policy support activities as well as a developed market place for renewable energy technologies (RET).
The aims of the energy policy include: Promotion and awareness of renewable energy (RE), providing adequate financing for RE and institutional and capacity building.
“The ministry is promoting and encouraging communities to make use of solar stoves and cookers to save firewood, electricity and other fuels. With the solar cooker, the sun will cook for you gently, it is modern and comfortable without emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and thus helps to preserve nature,” she added.
She said this method is cheap and convenient, as one would save money, time and the environment.
“Wood is used as the primary fuel for cooking in rural areas and in informal settlements. This is a major contributor to woodland depletion and as a result the ministry is also actively busy promoting fuel-efficient wood cooking stoves,” she said.