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    Hydropower in Africa:  remove tariff and non tariff barriers to boost investor confidence Africa has 100GW capacity says expert

    Investment in small hydropower projects in Africa will increase if tariff and non tariff barriers are removed which will boost investor confidence says Leonard Kassana, a well-known international hydropower consultant with the Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) at the Ministry of Infrastructure in Rwanda.  Following a feasibility study for small hydropower projects (SHPs) with the Greening the Tea Industry in East Africa Project in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Malawi, Mr Kassana says:  “feed-in tariffs should be attractive for developers and business licenses and environmental impact assessment (EIA) authorizations should be streamlined”.

    Local capacity building a key element in SHPs

    According to Leonard Kassana, eight small hydropower sites in 5 countries were studied and feasibility study reports completed:  “three small hydropower plants are in an advanced stage for implementation. Financial closures, tendering and construction contracts are being finalized for 2.8 MW Gura SHP (Kenya), 0.85 MW Tagabi (Kenya), 4.5 MW Giciye SHP (Rwanda).”

    “Technical capacity building is a key in SHP development and this was an important component”, he continues, “in all these sites, local tea companies are investing in the SHPs development showing that confidence for investors is established and investment in SHP increased in the region.  By carrying out these feasibility studies, technical capacity for local consulting firms in the region was enhanced as local firms from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Malawi were involved.”

    Passion for hydropower

    For Leonard Kassana hydropower, which he describes as “a mature technology”, remains a professional and personal passion:  “this continent has abundant hydropower resources of around 100GW and  countries are realising this great opportunity to increase the energy uptake by resorting to hydropower resources which are cheaper, greener and no match to other energy sources.” 

    Leonard Kassana is one of many leading experts who will discuss the future of hydropower electricity generation in Africa during Hydropower Africa 2010 in August in Johannesburg, the only hydropower conference and exhibition on the continent where all the major stakeholders gather.

    Programme highlights include:

    Opening session:

    ·         Keynote address by South African Energy minister Elizabeth Dipuo Peters Working together to unlock Africa’s hydropower potential to promote sustainable development, regional integration, water and energy security, and poverty eradication in Africa

    ü  Hydropower Project Finance: Innovative funding solutions and partnerships for Kafue Gorge Lower project – case study  Israel Phiri, Manager, Office for Promoting Private Power Investment, Ministry of Energy and Water Development, Zambia 

    Case study – challenges and successes in financing Mavusi and Chicamba hydro power plants  Ildo Rufino Domingos, Generation Director, EDM,


    ü  Rural electrification and village hydro: Small hydropower in Uganda – current projects and future prospects  Jimmy Omona, Hydro Mechanical Specialist, UEGCL, Uganda

    ü  Case studies on small hydropower successes in Europe   Bernhard Pelikan, President, ESHA, Belgium

    ü  Potential and challenges for small hydropower in Southern Africa  Wim Klunne, Senior Researcher: Rural Energy and Development, CSIR, South Africa

    ü  Environmental and social impact:
    Africa’s major water basins living side by side but not in “peace” and “security”  Leonard Kassana, International Hydropower Consultant, Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF), Ministry of Infrastructure, Rwanda

    The World Commission on Dams – more important than ever Liane Greeff, Chair, EcoDoc Africa / African Rivers Network, South Africa

    ü  Maintenance and refurbishment:
    Inga 2 hydropower plant – refurbishment update of unit 23  Etienne Tshibangu, Project Director, SNEL, DRC

    Hydro expertise
    Technology companies involved in large and small hydropower projects all over Africa that will share their expertise at Hydropower Africa 2010 include:  MarelliMotori, Gibb, Knight Piesold, SSI, CMC, Artescan, SMEC, BKS and MWH.  Eskom is the host utility and delegates will also go on site visits to the Ingula and Drakensberg pumped storage schemes in KwaZulu Natal; small hydro powerplants in Mpumalanga (Friedenheim and Lydenburg) and Inga in the DRC.

    Event dates and location:  17-20 August 2010, Pre-conference workshops on 16 August, at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg.  Event website:  www.esi-africa.com/hpa

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