Whats it all about?

Is your school an Energy-Guzzler? A Water-Gobbler? A Wanton-Waste-Maker? Are your learners and educators curious and concerned about energy and climate change and the impacts it could have on South Africa and the earth. Do you, as a school, feel like you want to know more about this Big Scary Issue but just don’t know where (or how) to start. Or perhaps you already do know your stuff and are looking for some inspiration to turn your knowledge into action.

Well, look no further, we’re here to help!

Well Worn Theatre is about to embark on delivering The Climate Change Action Play and Programme to 150 Primary Schools in Gauteng. We have lovingly produced a brand spanking new play and are ready, willing and able to come and visit your school. The play and programme are completely free of charge and arranged at your convenience. All we ask is that your school commits to Cutting Carbon in 2010 by implementing at least one energy and water saving project this year. And don’t worry, we’ll help you with ideas on how to begin and make sure we do our best to point you in all the right directions. That’s what we’re here for.

The Play

The play is a high-octane, action-packed adventure story, starring Craig Morris, Lerato Moloi, Jaques De Silva and Joni Barnard, 4 brilliantly hilarious actors who will take you on a voyage around the world as they learn about Climate Change, Global Warming, Fossil Fuels, Deforestation, Waste and Renewable Energy. As their preferred mode of transportation they scoot around on two carbon-kicking bicycles: one that powers its own lights and sound, the other with its very own solar cooker on the back for making popcorn and other delicious things to take along for the ride. A sure fire way to get your kids excited about ENERGY and also starting to imagine the possibilities of a world powered by the sun and maybe even peddle power! The show is 45 minutes long and is suitable for grades 5 to 9 learners. We can perform it anywhere and everywhere: in the hall, in the quad or even on the field.

The Programme

As well as the play, your school will also receive a pre-meeting before the show from us. This is a chance for us to talk to teachers and staff about why we feel Climate Change and Energy is such an important part of children’s everyday learning as they are the ones who will be growing up in a natural world that is potentially vastly changed to the one we know today. At this meeting, we will also give your school a fantastic Climate Action Toolkit filled to the brim with easy energy-saver wins for your school. Great gear like CFL light bulbs, tree packs, learning materials with fun activities, facts, lesson ideas, web tools and resources and posters to inspire your school to get Climate Active and start Cutting Carbon in 2010.
Then, a month after the show, we will come back to your school for a follow up visit to give you a chance to show us all the fabulous energy and water saving projects you got up to as a result of the explosive mix of our show, the toolkit and your eagerness be true eco-saving pioneers. This visit is also to see if we can offer you any further support or extra fun ideas.

Book Now

The Climate Change Action Programme is free of charge and we can visit any primary school in Gauteng. All that is required of your school is that you bring your enthusiasm, passion and commitment to making a difference by addressing Climate Change and Cutting Carbon in 2010 and beyond. We want to help the most deserving schools all that we can. Call us now on 011 023 9440 or sms us on 076 7152414 or drop us an email at to book the Climate Action Play for your school today. We will call you back to go over the finer details and to find out what dates would suit you best.

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