Mulo System solar quadricycles in South Africa

Mulo system 2

The collaboration between the Milan Polytechnical School of Design and Ipsia “A. Ferrari” gave rise to Mulo System, a family of light, zero-emissions vehicles designed for urban use. It is powered by solar energy captured by solar panels installed on its roof and, when necessary, its driver’s muscle power.

This series of quadricycles includes four different models: one for transporting goods, one for transporting goods, one for green area maintenance, and one for street vending.

This particular category of vehicles is suited to every kind of urban area, from streets to pedestrian areas, both public and private. It does not require registration, and anyone can use it. Flexible set-up and use, nearly inexistent costs of use, zero harmful emissions, and lack of noise are the main advantages that Mulo System has to offer.

Now, in collaboration with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Capetown, South Africa, Milan’s Polytechnic School of Design and Ipsia “A.Ferrari” are implementing this vehicle as part of a green mobility system for individuals with disabilities in Capetown.

The pilot scheme will be put into place over the next few weeks with a prototype, especially with the suburbs in mind, where public transportation is limited at best and quite often inexistent, making it difficult for those with disabilities to get around.
Mulo system 1

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