Greening the Construction Industry

AQUAMEXOIL® is an emulsion – used primarily for civil construction – and is our “Green” alternative to mineral oils.
The product is non-toxic and does not cause pollution, and therefore helps preserve the environment in accordance to sustainable development practices.

The emulsions are used for various applications in concrete construction,requiring formworks and moulds, for example, in both residential and commercial building; bridges; tunnels; concrete piping and interior finishing.
AQUAMEXOIL® are non-chemically modified vegetable oils and water emulsions.
After the application of the emulsions under a pressure of 6 bar, the concrete is poured into the moulds and left to set. Setting times are not modified and the moulds removes easily.
The surface of the concrete is perfectly smooth, with no bubbles or
imperfections. Touch up work is practically unnecessary as well as cleaning the moulds.

When applying a release agent for use in concrete construction and composite moulds, sometimes holesand scarring occurs which results in additional time in ensuring a proper finish.
With AQUAMEXOIL®, you are ensured a perfectly smooth and clean finish.

There are numerous benefits to using AQUAMEXOIL® and include:

  • Ease of application

  • Faster construction time

  • Better finish than mineral oil…

    Global solution for all concrete construction requiring formworks or moulds:

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