Rozelle Green Village (South Africa)

What makes Rozelle Green Village so unique is the fact that the following ‘green’ installations will be standard for all houses as well as the common areas and will be all included in the selling prices.

Solar Power
The houses will have a Grid Tied Solar Electric System for each house. The system will consist of an/erter which enables the user to draw electri city directly from the Photovoltaic Panels on the roof without usi ng the solar batteries, whi ch will stay charged for when needed. Only when the user has drawn all the power from the batteries and it is nighttime, will the grid back-up kick in.
The system will be provided with a regulator which will make the addition of more panels and batteries in future possible, if required by the owner.

Solar water heating.
A 2001 Solar Geyser will be installed inside the roof and state-of-the-art Thermal Siphon Vacuum Solar Panels on the north slope of the roof. This geyser will have an electrical back-up element, ensuring the user of hot water irrespective of weather conditions.
Free filtered drinking water
Rainwater Harvesting System will be installed, consisting of a special rain water trap: water tanks with gh pressure pumps and a Silver Technology Granulated Carbon 4 stage filter which removes all traces of chlorine and impurities. The house will run entirely on rainwater with an automated council water top up, switching the system to council water supply automatically when required and ensuring virtually uninterrupted water supply.
The owner will have no need for a drinking water filter because the water for the enti re house, includi ng council water, will be filtered and available in every tap in the house.
Grey water
The nouses each have a High Pressure Grey Water System with 10001 water tanks, water traps and a Renewable Cartridge Filter. The waste water from the Rainwater Harvesting System is filtered and turned into grey water for the garden and other uses, other than drinking
Water for common areas
All storm water from the road and any overflow water from the roofs will be collected in an underground tank in the common area, containing a high pressure solar powered pump This will virtually render the Home Owners Association independent from council water for the common area.
Rain water collection tanks will be installed in a manner that makes them an architectural feature rather than a mere utility.

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