Solar Parking Structures


Need some shade on your company parking lot? Instead of a putting up a dumb structure that merely shades the parking lot, take a look at this solar powerhouse made by Ohio-based ProtekPark Solar. The company builds extremely sturdy pre-engineered covered parking structures specifically designed to support solar panels as the roof.

Why make electricity when you’ve got a business to run? You could be making some money on the side from making solar electricity. You can do it off your roof at home too, but I’m thinking there’s more space over your parking lot. The bigger the space, the more power it makes.The more solar power you can make, the more you can earn. That’s because in certain states now, you can get paid to make electricity throughtrading SRECs.
About seven states enable you to go into solar farming and earn cash from it. In New Jersey you could earn serious cash over the next 15 years from making solar power.