How to claim insurance for solar water heating


Insurance claims for soalr water heating GEYSERS
How to claim insurance for solar water heating

Companies, individuals and businesses are encouraged to rethink their power sources. With the growing interest in solar water heaters, insurance companies are obliged to insure solar water heaters like any other household item.
Homeowners need to be aware of the fine print when they claim for a solar water heater. Insurance companies will only reimburse solar water geysers in the event of it bursting or getting damaged by an event covered in the peril policy.
Not all systems available on the South African market comply with the standards demanded by the insurance industry. To prevent future claim disappointments, homeowners must understand the insurance company’s policies on solar water heaters.
To ensure a successful claim in the event of damage to your solar geyser, your solar water heater should meet the following criteria:
The solar water heating system must carry the SABS mark of approval. This mark gives clear evidence that the product conforms to a specific South African standard. The majority of systems on the market do not carry this mark. A list of SABS mark of approved systems are available on the Eskom website under suppliers list.
The system should carry a minimum of a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on both the solar collector and tank. Systems that don’t carry a 10-year warranty usually don’t carry the SABS mark of approval.
A certified and accredited plumber and electrician must install the system. On completion of the installation and inspection, the homeowner must receive the compliance certificates (CoCs) from both the plumber and electrician.
After the installation is complete, homeowners should insist that manufacturer’s warranty and maintenance documents be explained thoroughly. The system should be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance requirements. Insurance companies can request these documents in the event of a claim.
Finally, the solar water heater should meet all the relevant South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) requirements.
It is suggested that homeowners use the services of a supplier that is registered with the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA). A list of registered SESSA members are available on their website.
Insurance companies believe that good solar water heaters have a 20-year lifespan. Homeowners should make sure when investing in a solar water heater, that the supplier can prove it has systems installed for more then 20 years. The criteria stipulated by the insurance industry are standard features of quality solar water heaters.