Sustainable Energy Seminar

Sustainable Energy Seminar
The world’s current energy prospects are – simply put – unsustainable. Despite all the talk about climate change, in recent years energy demand has continued to increase and global CO2 emissions along with it. Nothing less than an energy revolution is required to achieve the targets that have been set globally and in South Africa. Yet even the most stringent goals can be realised, with sufficient commitment from all stakeholders.

Introducing the Sustainable Energy Seminar 2010 – an event that seeks to provide practical solutions for South African energy stakeholders.

How will we achieve the goals and targets that we have set ourselves in respect of Sustainable Energy?

Existing technology – primarily in energy efficiency and renewable energy – is an obvious first step, but it is ultimately new technologies that hold promise of economic opportunity and benefit. However, new technology is generally more expensive and often a tradeoff is required between environmental, social and economic benefits. Furthermore, to implement sustainable energy initiatives in South Africa, the practical implementation framework and readiness of markets to implement must be well coordinated with policy instruments such as carbon taxes, standards, incentives and education and awareness campaigns. A focused and balanced approach from Government and private sector stakeholders is required.

The Sustainable Energy Seminar will bring together some of the country’s energy stakeholders who will be playing meaningful roles in either initiating energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and policy or specifying and manufacturing the products and technologies that will change the way we deal with energy in South Africa. Top South African and International presentations and focused workshop sessions will be jam-packed into this 1-day Seminar which will be held at the CSIR Convention Centre in Pretoria on the 6th October 2010. The Seminar will be accompanied by an exhibition of industry products and services and delegates will be able to network with the country’s sector decision-makers as they enjoy a tea and lunch service between sessions.

The recently published Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook Vol.1 provides the background for the content of the Sustainable Energy Seminar which will offer presentations from Handbook authors and other invited experts such as Professor Elsa du Toit (Associate Director at SAHA International and former Director for Energy Efficiency at the DME and also the Editor of the Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook),  John L Less (Clinton Climate Foundation), Dr Ajay Mathur (DG of the India Bureau of Energy Efficiency), Jeremy Gibberd (CSIR) and others to be announced. The Seminar will also host the official launch of the Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook and all attending delegates will receive a complimentary copy along with other white papers and presentations in delegate packs.

Presentations will contribute practically to some of the most important energy/electricity discourses in South Africa which include but are not limited to the following themes. In each instance presenters will attempt to incorporate environmental, economic and social impacts:

• The South African context
• The ideal sustainable energy vision
• Existing electricity generation and possible new, more sustainable generation technologies
• Commercialisation of renewable energy
• Existing electricity transmission and possible new, more sustainable transmission technologies
• Existing electricity distribution and possible new more sustainable distribution technologies
• Implementation of sustainable energy by municipalities
• The perception of consumers regarding sustainable energy

The Sustainable Energy Seminar is a micro-event and limited delegate seats are available. Seminar Date: Wednesday 6th October 2010

Venue: CSIR International Convention Centre

Registration: 07h30 – 08h00
Delegate Rate: R2450

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