Make your business operations easier on the planet

Get Energy Efficient
Using less energy reduces the demand on power plants, the nation’s leading contributors to global warming pollution and mercury pollution. And it saves a bundle on your energy bills.
  • Contact your utility company to arrange for a free (or inexpensive) energy audit. An engineer will examine your operations and provide you with a detailed report about how your firm can save on energy costs, from rebates to improved maintenance.
  • Turn off lights and unplug electronics after hours — computers and other electronics use energy while they’re plugged in, even when they’re switched off. (Plug all your appliances into a power strip and you’ll only have to flip one switch at the end of the day.)
  • Set computers to sleep and hibernate when inactive, and lose the screen savers. Flying toasters and slideshows can use up about $50 of electricity in a year. Look for power management or energy saving features on the control panel for Windows, or system preferences under the apple menu for Macs.
  • Use Energy Star office equipment — most major brands carry energy-saving models marked with the Energy Star label.

Cut Water Waste
One billion people on our planet can’t get safe drinking water. In the United States, some rivers are being drawn down faster than nature can fill them up. Using water efficiently today will help ensure that future generations have access to the water they need.
  • Install faucet aerators and low-flow toilets
  • Check for and fix leaks
  • Recycle water
  • Landscape for maximum water efficiency
Create a Greener Working Environment
Employees are on the front lines of any sustainability initiatives your company chooses to make. Participation from all levels of your staff is a crucial part of any greening effort.
  • Buy less toxic cleaners to improve indoor air quality and reduce risks to employee health.
  • Create a green team with members from all divisions of your organization to help implement plans and bring new ideas to the table

    Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA) is presenting a 1 day workshop on “Greening your Business” on Thursday 14th October 2010