Trade Mission to South Africa from Netherlands


We are proud to have been invited to partner OAVM in their trade mission to South Africa. The renewable energy industry will certainly benefit from this program.
“At this moment we are preparing a trade mission into South Africa from 3 – 10 April 2011. The theme of the mission is Water management, Alternative energy and Waste management. We also want to focus at alternative building methods which could be used for social housing. But the big red tape will be about sustainable business opportunities for Dutch companies in the sectors I mentioned above. We will be travelling from Cape Town to Johannesburg where we will visit the Energex exhibition in Johannesburg.


We are looking for project visits we could plan into our program which could highlight the need for investments and expertise in the mentioned areas. 

OAVM Consultancy can help you doing business in the Netherlands or in South Africa.”

More about OAVM…
Thirteen years after the historic first general elections that resulted in democracy, South Africa has been a political and economic success story. With first world infrastructure, South Africa is unlike the rest of Africa and is eminently placed to lead the whole southern african region to the next level in international trade opportunities. Increasingly, foreign companies are moving their head offices to Sandton, Johannesburg, both for financial and practical reasons. Now is the time to consider doing business in Africa.
OAVM as the link in South Africa and the Netherlands
OAVM Organisation & Consultancy will provide the link for companies, organizations and entrepreneurs who seek to do business between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany  and South Africa .We also provide the link for South African companies and organizations who seek to do business  in The Netherlands and its bordering countries.
OAVM has an extensive  network of partners in the Netherlands and South Africa whose common vision is to utilize and unlock knowledge, collective skills and expertise to address challenges locally, regionally and internationally. International trade is developing at a rather fast pace and new business relations are constantly being formed. OAVM Organisation & Consultancy is a consultancy practice which can assist within various sectors.
Legal knowledge and expertise
In the process of venturing into new international business cooperation, you must have the legal knowledge along with the knowledge of the political and economic environment in which you will be venturing.  To acquire that expertise in a short period of time is unlikely, you would be able to get a general overview. With OAVM and through our extended network of partnerships we would be able to advise you of the new environment. 
 Services which we provide:
• Act as representative or agent for foreign businesses in South Africa.
• Initiate international business links
• Acting as representative or agent for SA businesses abroad
• Representative for companies based in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
• Training 
• Coaching
• Business development
• Website marketing
• Network building
We, at OAVM Organisation & Consultancy believe in nurturing entrepreneurial talent in South Africa.

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