Phaesun begins rural electrification project in Mozambique

    Solar shop in Mozambique by Phaesun.

  • Phaesun has started a €300,000, two-year rural electrification project in Mozambique, in order to provide electricity to the people of Pessene, located around 50 kilometers from the country’s capital, Maputo.
    The project partners say they are also planning to establish solar shops. 
    The project, which started in July of this year, has already fitted a primary school and two accommodations for teachers with 15 solar lamps, installed through small off grid systems (Pico systems) with up to ten watts.
    The company will now establish a trader network for the distribution of the Pico systems with its project partner Coseba in Mozambique, to train 10 to 15 traders in the eastern province of Sofala. Its cooperation partner, Sonnenplus GmbH, will train 10 to 15 traders in Maputo.
    The project partners say they are also planning to establish solar shops and kiosks, where systems can be purchased and solar lamps rented. The shop is set to open next year. Additionally, it has been said that University of Ulm’s Professor, Peter Adelmann, will hold lectures on photovoltaics for the electrical engineering students of Eduardo Mondiane University in Maputo, in order to expand the reach of the project. These lectures are planned to be permanent features at universities in Mozambique.
    The project will run for two years and 50 percent of the investment is covered by Deutsche Investitions-und-Entwicklungsgesellschaft (German Investments and Development Association).
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