The Ceramic Heat Barrier Coating is a water- borne emulsion of high quality resins and plasticizers for superior adhesion for any type of roof. It dries by evaporation to yield a tough, velvety, water repellent surface with exceptional abrasion resistance, ultra-violet light stability and superior mildew resistance. It is formulated for non-metal and metal roofs and is warranted to hold occasional ponding water without deterioration.

Unlike other coatings, it contains ceramic particles. These particles are the heat dissipating elements in the ceramic coating that give it the ability to save on cooling costs. It is applied to yield a tough, watertight, roof membrane.
· Temperature reduction of up 45%
· Reduces roof degradation by up to 80%
· Non-toxic
· Water Borne
· Abrasion Resistant
· Flexible
· Mildew Resistant
· Energy Saving
· Non-Yellowing
· Labour, Time & Cost Saving
· Clean up with soap & water
· Superior AdhesionClick here for more about Ceratech Thermal Barrier Coating

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