Using the new Income Tax registration (ITREG) functionality on e@syFile™ Employer and eFiling

NEW! Using the new Income Tax registration (ITREG) functionality on e@syFile™ Employer and eFiling
SARS electronic channels, e@syFile™ Employer and eFiling, now include a functionality which allows employers to register an employee for Income Tax. This new ITREG functionality must only be used to register employees employed after 31 August 2010.
The  guide to using eFiling to register an employee provides an overview of the Income Tax registration (ITREG) process, and gives the employer easy-to-follow instructions on submitting employee registration applications to SARS.
For employers who use e@syFile™ Employer, please note that the ITREG function has been deactivated and will only be accessible once you have submitted your reconciliation declaration to SARS. Once the ITREG functionality has been activated, make use of our e@syFile™ Employer User Guide  to learn how to submit employee registration applications to SARS using e@syFile™ Employer.
SARS has relaxed the requirement for employers to provide employees’ Income Tax reference numbers on the employee tax certificate during the September/October 2010 Interim Reconciliation.