Muldersdrift, on the West Rand is approximately 30 minutes from Johannesburg and Pretoria.
1896 Dr Leander Jameson was captured in Muldersdrift after the failed Jameson Raid. The raid was an attempt to capture Johannesburg from the Boers and allow Cecil John Rhodes to take over political power. For those who are interested in the South African – Anglo-Boer – War will find many interesting sites here.
Muldersdrift today is a peaceful suburb.
Muldersdrift is part of the Crocodile Ramble, a tourist route that runs along the Crocodile River.
Tourists on this route can visit many places of interest such as the Cradle of Humankind- the place of important fossil discoveries which have cast light our ancestory.

Did You Know? Fossils found in the area show that man’s earliest ancestors were roaming these plains. The fossils are between 2 and 4-million years old! 

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