Meeting your maker with a green conscience ?

An eco-friendly casket, reused several times, is one option for reducing the effect of funerals on the environment. Photo / Supplied

A bit of “tongue in cheek” for the weekend.
Natural, eco-friendly alternatives to funerals and burials are becoming more popular, and more available, in New Zealand.
The Canterbury Cremation Society has started to recycle artificial hip and knee joints and replacements that are not destroyed by the 1100C cremation process.
Its first batch of metal joints was melted down and recycled by a metal scrap merchant in August this year.
General manager Barbara Terry is very proud of her environmentally friendly recycling system.
“We hope the rest of the crematoriums around the country see the benefits of recycling and have the courage to follow suit,” she said.
Artificial implants are left behind in three to four cremations a week at the society’s crematoriums.
They used to be buried in pits on its grounds, a common crematorium practice.
Mrs Terry said burying the rare metal was a waste when it could be recycled.
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