Paper based on the genuine idea of 100% recycling.


Cyclus Print

This paper is based on the genuine idea of 100% recycling.
The only paper which is both environmentally friendly and recycled.

End Use Applications:
Ideal for letterheads, brochures, posters, direct mail.
Perfect for high quality jobs as ink does not get soaked into the paper.
Available in both a coated (Print) & uncoated (Offset) stock, ensuring
All inks are suitable for cyclus print.

1. The product is made in Denmark.
2. It is 100% Recycled Paper AND 100% environmentally friendly-no chemicals are used to make cyclus.
3. It comes in a wide range of gsm’s.
4. It is suitable for Litho printing.
5. It is extremely well priced.
6. It is a speckled, organic looking paper.

1. High quality control at the mill.
2. You will be improving the environment as well as ensuing the life span of trees.
3. Perfect for corporate stationary & brochures.
4. Can handle high quantity print jobs
5. Thus making it an affordable option for your client.
6. It blends in with the natural appearance of your design.
100% – water is recycled
– no chemicals are used to make the paper
– the bi-products get turned into fertilizer
– you can recycle paper indefinitely
– uses fibres from the trees far more efficiently

1. Standardization of paper, ensuring consistency from batch to batch.
2. Client will be improving their social responsibility and be regarded as a market leader.
3. Symmetry throughout corporate profile or other print jobs.
4. Printers and clients are impressed with the printability of cyclus.
5. Unlike many hand made papers, cyclus will suit budget orientated clients
6. Client obtains a natural, earthy, organic look and feel to their print job.
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