SA’s DoE Looking to Buy RE Power


South Africa’s Department of Energy (DoE) has issued a request for information (RFI) on renewable energy projects from private developers, planning to purchase power under the renewable energy feed-in tariff (Refit).

The Development Bank of Southern Africa said that the DoE was looking for potential legal, financial, environmental, and empowerment advisors to help in its efforts, and the DoE has invited advisors to begin bids. The invitation to tender marked the beginning of the proposed procurement program under the Refit phases I and II which seeks to procure 1,025 MW using various sources of RE from independent power producers (IPPs). Advisers would be used to design a fair and open procurement process, as well as to develop procurement documentation, such as the request for pre-qualification , the request for proposals (RFP) inclusive of the selection and evaluation criteria, and technology specific power purchase agreements.

The DoE plans to publish the RFI on its website in order to shore up interest from private developers with the procurement document to hit the market by mid-November.

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