Robben Island Solar project update.


The SAAEA this morning attended a briefing meeting for the Invitation to Submit a Proposal for the Greening Robben Island Project.
Addressed by Derek Batte, Senior manager for CEF Group “Working for Energy Programme”, attendees were briefed on the vision and expectations of the project.
“A breeding ground for proving the succesfull adaptation of renewable energy sources” was the gist of how Mr Batte described the initiative.
Two 200kW solar installations of no particular type, is planned in particular. Any other technologies are welcome to form a hybrid system for the Island.
Successful tenderers will also benefit from having their products and technologies promoted to the substantial number of visitors to Robben Island. A virtual website monitoring and recording equipment in real time is envisaged.
The “misunderstanding” about agreements being in place between Saneri and Robben Island Board hinges around Public Works Department being the administrators and the board representing World Heritage sites, say’s Mr Batte.
Environmental impact studies can only be completed once a better understanding of the technologies employed is reached.
The original closing date for tenders, 8th October 2010, will most likely be extended as role players indicated that there won’t be enough time to formulate proposals. They also feel that a site visit would be required.

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Alwyn Smith