Solar powered water purification

Having access to clean water at schools or hospitals is as critical as having pencils, books, medical facilities and committed staff.

The solar powered water purifier was developed in response to a need expressed by a local NGO. The brief was to build a purifier that could effectively ‘disinfect’ approximately 4000 litres of water per day. The unit should be sturdy and secure as it will be bolted into a concrete slab and work on solar power but at the same time have the ability to work from conventional electricity should that be needed.
Cholera and other water borne diseases can be eliminated or its impact greatly reduced by having access to clean drinking water. The United Nations declared it a basic human right that every human should have access to clean water.
The solar powered water purifier is designed to provide clean and safe drinking water to rural
communities where the existing water source is ‘unsafe’ and where the power supply is unreliable
or non-existent.

Water should not be judged by it’s history, but by it’s quality !

Proudly designed and made in South Africa.

A quick ‘operational tour’ of the unit:
1. The solar panel provides a charge to the deep cycle battery. The inverter converts the current from DC to AC (needed to power the UV light).
2. The flow meter contains a ‘reed switch’ which generates a pulse within the first 0.5 litres of water fl owing through the flow sensor.
3. This switch will switch the UV light and pilot light on whenever the tap is opened at any point during the day or night.
4. The timer will ensure that the light remains on as long as the tap is open (water is consumed).
5. The light will switch off 30 seconds after the tap has been closed.
6. A second timer will switch the light on for 60 seconds after every 60 minutes that the UV light has not been switched on (i.e. no water consumed).
7. The circuit breakers can be used to switch the various components on or off and will also switch the unit off in the case of an electric ‘short’ at any point in time.
The unit can effectively purify up to 40 000 litres per day if it operates from conventional electricity.
The standard solar powered unit however reaches capacity at approximately 4000 litres per day.

Distributors/Resellers required  worldwide.

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