Minister commits to deliver on climate change targets


Also identified in the document is a need to roll out energy efficient interventions to rescue the country’s troubled electricity reserve margins. “Energy security is a huge challenge and appropriate incentive schemes need to be introduced as part of the interventions in this sector,” it said.

Another option would be an emigration to renewable energy sources to the levels as high as 10 000 Gw/hour by 2014 with the plan to up the country’s energy efficiency by at least 12 percent by 2015.

Sonjica highlighted the need for the involvement of provincial and local government as well as private partners and public entities for the “effective realisation” of the deliverables of the agreement.

What needed to be understood about the agreement process was that government was not targeting anyone, she said, adding that questions on what would be done if the plans were not met were not relevant. “The plan is trying to address the issue of (being) efficient and how things could be done differently and in a more business like manner. It is part of the whole overhaul of government.”

Well said Minister, this will not be possible without involving all the role players in the industry.

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