The scary facts about our water supply in South Africa.


Water is as a commodity, that is fast becoming the fastest growing awareness driven product on the planet. We drink it every day, yet we know so little about the effects it has on our body.

South Africa is not the only country to have abused this natural resource. Water pollution is creating all kinds of new challenges in every sector of the market. It is said that the Eskom load shedding scare will pale in comparison to the eminent water crisis looming just years from now. 

Is this scare real?
MNET’s Carte Blanche has recently (and repeatedly) done investigative journalism surrounding thewater crisis in South Africa. They show proof thereof and interview experts who testify that the water is deteriorating rapidly. They show lakes, rivers and dams that are so contaminated that we feel sick just watching these documentaries. They also illustrate how many municipalities are not up to scratch when it comes to the cleansing systems and delivery of recycled water.
So is the scare real? Well, just think about this scenario. The population worldwide has grown from one billion people a hundred years ago to a staggering 6.5 billion people now with estimates of over 9 billion in just 15 years time. This means an additional 8 billion people, drinking it, washing with it and wasting it globally
We wash our cars with it, fill our swimming pools, water our gardens, flush our toilets, bath and shower with it with little or no thought as to where it comes from or where it’s going.

Industries are using it with no respect and dump dirty contaminated water into rivers and lakes which damage the eco system so badly in some cases that it is not possible to clean it up anymore.

Infrastructures are struggling to clean it up as fast as it’s being contaminated. Just picture the amount of filth that must be taken out of the water we useThe water is then just recycled over and over again
Why do we need water?
Our body needs water for two basic functions, hydrating our system to keep its ambient temperature the same and to flush toxins that may harm our system. Our body consists of 72% water, held together in an intricate cellular system that constantly uses the water within itself. This water does not stay in one place, but rather moves around to accommodate growth and function.
So if 72% of our body consists of water, does it not make good sense to put clean, healthy and pure water into it? 
Drinking the right kind of water is one of your best natural protections against all kinds of viral infections such as influenza, pneumonia, whooping cough, measles and other infectious diseases. When the body’s cells are kept well supplied with ample ‘good quality’ water, they can fight viral attacks more efficiently.

Water is a vital component of all bodily fluids, tissues, cells, lymph, blood and glandular secretions. Water holds all nutritive factors in solution and acts as a transportation medium to the various parts of the body for these substances.

Liquid is necessary for the proper digestion of food! The Stomach acts as a powerful churn to break down food into tiny particles.

With all the billions of litres of fresh, sweet water there is on earth, only a fraction of it is fit to drink. The body requires water that is 100% pure hydrogen and oxygen, free of toxins and inorganic minerals.

This water comes from two sources namely fresh, organically grown vegetables and fruits and from distilled or purified mechanisms.

Some effects of Dirty Water
Throughout the whole of recorded history, man has suffered with a variety of miseries, a great many of which can be directly traced to hard, inorganic mineral water.
Every time a person turns on the water tap and drinks water that has been chemicalized with chlorine or is saturated with calcium carbonate and other inorganic minerals, he is jeopardizing his health, his mind and his life. Of course this is not instantly experienced however after many years of these chemicals flowing through our bodies, if there are health challenges experienced thereafter it is never a quick fix.

Blood, your “River of Life”, is the fluid, which carries oxygen and nutrition to all cells of the body and tries to remove any poisonous substances.

The trouble is that the average person is pouring inorganic minerals and toxic poisons into the body so fast that the blood finds it impossible to purify itself much less the body. If we do not get enough oxygen and nutrition and if toxic materials are not removed regularly, they will stockpile and we will die.
Health challenges associated with mineralized or inorganically infused water. Hardening of the Arteries:

The Mineral Calcium carbonate, or lime, when taken into the body chemistry and subjected to the process of natural metabolism through the years, becomes the principal troublemaker responsible for what is called “Hardening of the Arteries” Doctors call this degenerative arterial condition “arteriosclerosis” and most people believe it to be a natural condition that comes with age. 

Brains turned to Stone – The greatest damage done by inorganic minerals is to the small arteries and other blood vessels of the brain. It also causes deterioration of the kidneys, liver, heart and other vital organs of the body. Essentially, premature ageing and senility are the brain turning into stone! 
Kidney Stones – The major cause of most kidney stones is hard, chemicalized water that’s saturated heavily with calcium carbonate and other inorganic minerals.
Disfiguring Broken Capillaries – Among the many manifestations of inorganic calcification are broken facial capillaries. Examine people’s faces, particularly the cheek, nose and chin, where you often see small blood vessels, slender as hairs near the surface of the skin. These tiny capillaries become encrusted with inorganic minerals, expand and often rupture making purplish or reddish blotches. 
These are just a few of the medical related issues caused by drinking poor qulaity water, click here to learn more about Eish2o and how they can help

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