Zulu One by BATT – RECON is available October 2010

    The waiting is finally over, and all the painstaking hours of software / hardware integration has brought us the next generation of Battery Optimization. Zulu One by BATT – RECON ( www.BattReconWholesale.com ) enables complete diagnostics ‘real-time’, on a cell by cell and whole battery basis. The Zulu One puts all the readings available for view on location, or wherever you are via the internet. Never before has a product like this been available. The Zulu One by BATT – RECON will help Reduce Carbon Footprint, Increase Sustainability, and Lower Energy Consumption… thereby saving you time and money. 

    Los Angeles, CA – September 22, 2010 – Bruce Zeier has been an innovative creator of battery optimization products, and has truly invented the end-all product for battery optimization, maintenance, and monitoring. The patent pending design of this new product and software has been painstakingly extensive, and extremely costly. The result of all the effort put in to the Zulu One by BATT – RECON, is a product that will free up time spent on servicing and maintaining batteries. As a bonus, battery life extension is expected to be around 60%, which means that battery replacement annually will be less… thus saving thousands – to – millions depending on company size. 

    ”Save a Battery, Save Money, Save the Planet!” Not only does the Zulu One by BATT – RECON save money on replacement and maintenance labor, but also on energy consumption during the charging cycle. When a battery is not working at its optimal range of charge and discharge cycles, it takes longer to complete a charge cycle… and the discharge cycle grows shorter. This causes an unnecessary increase in energy consumption, and creates a huge expense that cuts into your company’s profit margin. 

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