Playing Ching Chong Cha with South African Renewable Energy Market


Ching Chong Cha
Wallet, Blanket, Sustainability.
We say again:
If South Africa is serious about meeting their carbon emission commitments of 34% reduction, transparency in dealing with these issues needs to be addressed.

Let’s ponder:
Governmental aligned organisations (DOE, SANERI, CEF, ESKOM, SABS etc.) are certainly falling foul.

Central Energy Fund (CEF)
“Greening Robben Island Project”
Advertisement (Media Unknown) surfaced on 18th September 2010.
A listing on the CEF website appeared on 22nd September 2010.
Enquiries by SAAEA solicited a response from Derek Batte (Senior Manager, Working for Energy Programme)

“Dear Sir,
This tender / expression of interest is indeed genuine and is in no way a scam.
Contractual arrangements do exist between SANERI and the Robben island Authorities.
By virtue of an open tender process, I fail to see how you substantiate a claim that there is a lack of transparency.
This project has featured in news articles, publications etc over the past year, and is known to active stakeholders.
I trust this addresses your concerns, but I am willing to engage with you directly should you have further queries.
Derek Batte
Senior Manager

I herewith respectfully challenge Mr Batte to provide any press release related to this project prior to 18th Sept 2010.
Who are the “active” stakeholders and how were they chosen to be informed.
A briefing of “stakeholders” held at the CEF offices, chaired by Mr Batte, resulted in an undertaking to extend the deadline for submissions to 18th November and a site inspection arrangement was tabled.
Although a commitment to advise all attendees was made by Mr Batte, no information has appeared other than the new deadline, obtained from the writers telephonic enquiry, being 29th October.
Reports of “stakeholders” being sworn to secrecy have surfaced.

Info from Robben Island Museum today 18th October 2010:

“Please be informed that the RIM Greening Project has been put on hold by Robben Island Museum Chairperson of Council Ms T. Modise until sufficient evidence as mentioned below”

Nosipho ( on Behalf of RIM Chairperson Ms T. Modise) 
Numerous interested parties have paid R3000.00 for “documents” and the opportunity to submit proposals for this project with a disputed mandate and deadline being 29th October 2010.

Should I be fortunate enough to receive a response from Mr Batte, Saneri, CEF or Department of Energy, I undertake to publish this forthwith. Alternatively we will spare no effort to investigate and expose any irregularities pertaining to this project of national importance.

Alwyn Smith
Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA)