GCX Launches Carbon Footprint Analyst Level 2!!


    The moment so many of our past students have been waiting for – GCX is now introducing Carbon Footprint Analyst Level 2.
    If you have already completed the Level 1 certification, and have conducted a business 
    carbon footprint, or are a consultant that has embarked on this journey alone and now needs further guidance, CFA 2 is your next step.
    The first course will be held on the 29th November 2010 in Cape Town over 3 days. On completion, learners will have the skills and knowledge to conduct specialised carbon footprints and be able to analyse a large multinational organisations’
     carbon footprint.

    CFA 2 starts off with a brief overview of CFA 1 as a refresher of Carbon Footprint concepts, then moves on to advanced techniques to footprint a multinational corporation; writing a detailed carbon footprint report; review vs. verification; legislation and other reporting such as King iii and CDP reporting.

    Whether you are part of a multinational business, a consultant who is interested in diversifying your skills or looking for a new career; the most effective measure to take action is to gain a deeper understanding of the topic at hand. GCX analysts do not only offer their sophisticated services as consultants, but as trainers too. Bespoke training courses that are internationally recognized have been created to instill a deeper understanding and practical implication of exactly what it means to live in a low-carbon economy.

    What was in the past a mild and unfocused issue, sustainability has now become core to the economy of business. Earlier this year compliance regulation, King iii was introduced, placing emphasis on sustainable strategies and climate change-related risk. Jonathon Hanks (Incite Sustainability MD) aptly states that “While business can choose to play a wait-and-see game, in the long term they will benefit by taking action to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiencynow.”

    Course dates:
    Cape Town
    29 November 2010 – 01 December 2010

    For more informantion contact: Timea Kulcsar on timeak@globalcarbonexchange.com or 083-6330121