Upington Solar Park..going to fast?

Upington Solar Park..going to fast?

There was a bunch of kids riding down a hill in a Billy cart. They were having lots of fun. The hill was getting steeper and steeper and they were going faster and faster. One of the kids who had slightly better eyesight than the others says I’m not sure but I think this road ends in a T junction on a maim highway. He said maybe we should put the brakes on a bit and even go down a side street. If we keep on going down this hill eventually we will be going so fast we will go out of control. And the others kids said no we are having too much fun. Why don’t we just put our hands over our eyes.

Without addressing the basics of renewable energy, our recent soccer world cup achievements do not automatically afford us the ability to build the largest solar park in the world.
Recent initiatives by state owned entities leave us vulnerable to failures and embarrassment in the local and international arena.