Alternative Energy programme in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal (South Africa)

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The electricity increase is almost double that of the current inflation.  Our local school (not rural) with children from various backgrounds & ethnic groups are forced to increase school fees in accordance to the bulk of our expenses – electricity being one of the main items. 

We’ve tried searching for info / assistance & financial support with regards to gearing our school up not only to become a ‘GREEN’ school but to get actively involved with Alternative Energy programmes.   We might be ignorant, but were VERY surprised how few of these programmes are currently running in our beautiful Sunny South Africa.   Durban in particular enjoys warm weather 90-95% of the year & it seems silly to waste these resources that could benefit so many.

We’d really appreciate if you could put us in touch with a programme that could assist, taking into consideration that at this stage we have no support / sponsorship.

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