Eskom seeks suppliers for wind, sun plants


ESKOM would soon begin the procurement process for its wind farm and solar power plant, two of the renewable energy projects that were revived after it secured a World Bank loan, chief executive Brian Dames said yesterday.

Dames said the company would approach both domestic and international markets when choosing suppliers.

“Cleaner energy is part of our future and our growth. I would like to see construction (of the two projects) start next year,” said Dames.

Together, the wind farm and the solar power plant will produce 200 megawatts. Of the $3.75 billion (R25.5bn) loan from the bank, $260 million will fund these two projects.

Dames said Eskom would also look at how to move nuclear power forward as part of producing cleaner energy.

According to the draft integrated resource plan – a 20-year electricity plan for the country released last month – nuclear power will be part of the energy mix.

The plan says that by 2030, the energy mix will be made of 48 percent base load coal, 14 percent base load nuclear, 16 percent renewable energy, 9 percent peaking open-cycle gas turbine, 6 percent peaking pump storage, 5 percent mid-merit gas and 2 percent base load import hydro.


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