Marine and Hydrokinetic Technology


There is a bewildering number of technologies and demonstrations going on all over the world, and this may be of interest to you:

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Blue Energy Ocean Turbine (Davis Hydro Turbine) Image: The Blue Energy Ocean Turbine acts as a highly efficient underwater vertical-axis windmill. Four fixed hydrofoil blades of the turbine are connected to a rotor that drives an integrated gearbox and electrical generator assembly. The turbine is mounted in a durable concrete marine caisson that anchors the unit to the ocean floor; and the structure directs flow through the turbine further concentrating the resource supporting the coupler, gearbox, and generator above the rotor. These sit above the surface of the water and are readily accessible for maintenance and repair. The hydrofoil blades employ a hydrodynamic lift principal that causes the turbine foils to move proportionately faster than the speed of the surrounding water. Computer optimized cross-flow design ensures that the rotation of the turbine is unidirectional on both the ebb and flow of the tide.
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