World Power System powers car charging system.

World Power System from Green Wave Energy Corp tested on Level One Recharging Unit for electric vehicles.

The mobile solar and wind powered World Power System, (30,000 amps of energy storage capacity (1200 Ah) – 8kW rated power with two 4000 watt inverters) was tested on Level One Recharging Unit for electric vehicles. 

The opportunities for using the Power System as a recharging station – not just in remote locations – but in urban areas as well – are considerable.

This is because the Power System with recharging units can be put in immediately – no red tape with the utility – and does not put a load on the existing grid infrastructure and does not require the panels, wiring or grid infrastructure to be retrofitted. By contrast, hooking up a station to the grid could take a lot more time dealing with the utility – will put a lot more strain on the grid; and may get stuck in the bureaucracy of the utility.

Say’s Mark Holmes from Green Wave Energy Corp, “If we an recharge electric vehicles, imagine what else we can power.”

Green Alternative Energy Solutions is proud to be associated with this product.