Online Request for Expression of Interest – Water and Sanitation Supplies


UNICEF is inviting eligible suppliers to send Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for the following categories of supplies:

1. Water Collection (e.g. well digging, well pumps etc);
2. Water Supply/Distribution (e.g. pipes, pumps, water meters etc);
3. Water Treatment (e.g. filtration, disinfections, mobile units etc);
4. Water Storage (e.g. tanks, containers etc);
5. Water Testing (e. g. bacteriological testing, physical testing, chlorine testing etc);
6. Hygiene & Sanitation (e.g. portable and fixed latrines, etc);
7. Reconnaissance (e. g. surveying and geophysical instruments

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We are now publishing available tenders on our password protected sister site:  

Available infrastructure require that we manually have to log you on as an authorized member/reader.

A google account would be required for this service (Freely available, should you not have one currently).


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