StreetSun, Innovative Solar Street Lights


Krinner, a leading supplier in the solar industry, now supply StreetSun solar-powered street lights. Krinner Germany’s foundation professionals fit the bright long-life solar lights quickly and efficiently in cities and towns. Light on public streets and squares creates security and atmosphere. Decision makers in local authorities know the aesthetic, cultural and social value of light in the public domain.

With solar-powered street lights Krinner Ground Screws  brings an ecological and economical solution. You can quickly and inexpensively install on KRINNER Ground Screws. “KSF G3 114 x 1000”. They reduce CO ² emissions and energy costs to zero – a valuable contribution to environmental protection and rehabilitation of public funds. At night, the battery supplies the energy-efficient LED lights in the head with power. It stores enough energy for 15 hours of light for three or four consecutive nights. 

Mounted on Krinner Ground Screws, they are simply screwed into the ground and are now only suitable as foundations for the new solar-powered street lights and, as in the past, for road signs and street furniture.

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