Agama Energy launches new Biogas Digesters


Apart from retaining all the great features of the original product the new stronger design enables more flexibility around the depths of the installation – which is dependent on the depth of the sewer pipe in existing houses. 
· access via a rodding eye to the sewer outlet pipe 
· a gas cap that can be removed if maintenance is required 
· only 2 risers above ground instead of 3 reducing visual impact 
· a separate overflow opening for manure systems 

There are two models of the BiogasPro: the BiogasPro-6 and the BiogasPro-6D.
Although we default in all our documentation to describing and showing the BiogasPro-6, where
necessary and relevant we clearly differentiate between the two models. For simplicity, we use
the term BiogasPro throughout as a standard name for the BiogasPro-6.

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