Job Opportunity in Renewable Energy..South Africa

    Solar Con the renewable energy company is looking for an apprentice to be trained in solar and wind energy technical services and sales.
    We are looking for an enthusiastic young person between the age of 19 and 35 who is up to the challenges. Applicant must have a sound knowledge of AC-DC Wiring Technology or done studies in Low Voltage currency, Computer skills and have a Driving licence.



    Solar power specialists
    From both an economic and environmental viewpoint, the reality is that solar power technology is a convincing form of power technology. At Solarcon, we consistently inform people of this at workshops, events, trade fairs and forums. The reality is that the sun is the energy source of the future. In a mere 20 minutes, the sun radiates as much energy to the earth as the entire global population uses in one whole year.

    Applicant must email their CV to for attention Johannah.

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