Biogas and Waste..Bag Digester.


    Waste is a resource that has not been safely recycled back into the environment or the marketplace.
    Waste has an economic value
    Negative or zero input cost
    Costs not linked to commodity prices
    Africa has energy challenges
    Waste doesn’t exist in nature it is a human invention.
    In nature, everything has a purpose.


    THE WIGWAM Digester, designed and patented by Biogas Power, is a simple cost effective solution to many problems experienced in rural areas. It provides an effective sewage treatment plant, a clean burning safe fuel for cooking and heating and the treated effluent is a highly effective fertiliser for crops. The Wigwam is inexpensive, quick to install, and with little training relatively simple to maintain. Manufactured out of a specially developed reinforced coated PVC material it is very durable and able to withstand the harsh African climate for many years.

    BioGas Power

    Reduced likelihood of groundwater contamination as the Wigwam digester is a very effective sewage treatment plant available to plants.
    The supply of clean and easy to use fuel at no cost to the consumer, other than the capital cost.
    Reduces deforestation and the resultant erosion as firewood is not required.
    Wood gatherers are freed up and hence have increased time for income generation and/or employment
    The supply of an organic fertilizer high in nutrients which are made more.

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