Submersible Self Propelled Pump


SP Turbine means Stagnation pressure turbine which is as only such apparatus using stagnation pressure for highest possible efficiency to propell water pumps or special and new patented electric generator. All this is producing a cheapest electric power existing on our planet – 6 to 8 times cheaper than price is in the public Power grid.

The subject of the invention is self propelled submergible pump that is placed on the bottom of a water course and obtains propelling energy from the dynamic force of the movement of the water mass in which is placed. It consists of pumping hi – pressure part integrated with horizontally placed system of the driving blades pairs, of which one half constantly turns its largest surface against water stream and the second half turns its many times smaller surface against the water stream which causes a simultaneous rotation of the blades and continuous self propelled pumping of the submergible pump.
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